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Oh, hello there!

I’m Dusty Hegge.

Houseplant educator, Author of becoming Planty, and host of the Get planty Podcast. I teach people how to curate a dreamy, Instagram worthy houseplant collection and keep it alive!


Revive Nursery - Reviving you heart and home through the gift of houseplant


I have a contagious love for plants, I’m a wife & mother, & your new favorite

plant lady

with a pretty serious thing for black coffee.

(Brewed on a Hario V60, please.)

Dusty Hegge, author of Becoming Planty, owner of Revive Nursery, and your new favorite houseplant lady. Oh, I take a black, pour over as long as your picking up coffee.

Want to know what lights me up?

Seeing that “Oh! That’s how you water it!” Look on a person’s face.

Because for me it’s about more than just keeping your plant alive, though that’s a good start, it’s about investing in a practice and dare I say lifestyle that I know will transform you from the inside out.

My goal is to help you to actually enjoy the growth process, keep those precious plants alive, and remind you that you are SO very worth the effort it takes to grow well.

You can typically find me: working on my book, Becoming Planty, learning all I can about plants, and planning my next big project! When I am not harnessing my inner plant/boss lady, I am likely chasing my two daughters around, cleaning the house (because toddlers), playing board games with my tall and sexy husband, or binge watching my favorite sit coms with a darn n’ stormy in hand.  


My favorite plant (right now anyways):

Watermelon peperomia

I never want to give up:

Black coffee

I always want to watch:


I am passionate about:

Growing well & living intentionally

My hero:

My husband

I am most proud of:

My book, Becoming Planty

My “dream big” goal is:

Become a nation wide, motivational speaker

Next on my wish list:

A botanical sleeve tattoo

What I want you to know:

Succulents are NOT the best houseplant to start with!

My Favorite Title:


My Favorite Drink:

Dark N’ Stormy


Ready to find your

perfect houseplant?